Jane Mudgett


Jane Mudgett is a Coach, an Author and a Presenter. She’s a Partner at Exceptional Leaders Lab, which specializes in developing leaders, inspiring teamwork, and enhancing communications. Learn more about Jane’s speaking topics in the tab “Book Jane”.

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, Jane works with executives who want to improve their leadership skill sets in meaningful, long-term ways. Our proprietary three-stage approach has influenced executives all over the U.S. to dramatically improve their personal leadership competencies, influence, and outcomes.

In addition, Jane provides speciality coaching in two areas as a stand-alone service, or as an overlay to other coaching relationships. These include:

Transition, Succession and Exit Coaching serves leaders that have been successful in their career and have earned the next steps toward transition.  It’s most suitable for those that are winding down their career within a window of 3 years or less.  While the foundation is based on behavioral assessments, the results are applied to life within the professional environment, as well as goals outside of the boundaries of work.  As a previously licensed Financial Advisor, Jane also advises on the “business part of life” which may include joint meetings with estate and financial planners to ensure the transition design is in sync with long-term legacy plans.

Work-Life Balance Coaching first assumes that you are abundantly more than your work.  Assessments are based on the tenets of her book, Five Alive, which refers to five critical elements of wellbeing:  Finance, Food, Fitness, Friends and Fun.  The focus is to adjust one’s lifestyle to enhance life long-term, yet do this by implementing small nudges and enhancements over time.

As a bestselling author and presenter, Jane’s expertise also includes enhancing individuals and employees lifestyle and longevity through her proprietary program, Five Alive. Five Alive emphasizes small incremental changes over time and modeling positive behaviors in the five key areas of Finance, Food, Fitness, Friends, and Fun.

She has over 30 years of experience in various leadership and executive roles in the automotive, energy and financial industries, along with extensive community service.

Jane has a broad travel history reflecting her intense love for learning and experiencing new cultures. She has visited every state in the United States, plus all seven continents – and her favorite place is always her last trip. As a 15+ year cancer survivor, her most cherished values are engaging in new experiences and living her life to the fullest every day.

Favorite Words: Explore, Wellbeing, Leadership, Equilibrium, Dignity and Workstyle (work+lifestyle)

Personal Motto: It’s better to have 10 new experiences than the same experience 10 times.