Jane Mudgett

Mudge Nudges

Jane Mudge shares what she calls, “Mudge Nudges,”… Little bites of inspiration, guidance, and nudges to do what we need to do with Food, Fitness, Finance, Friends, and Fun.

Share your nudges, words of wisdom you repeat to yourself or pass along to friends.

Maybe Jane will adopt your nudge to share with her audience too!

Submit Your Own Mudge Nudge!

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    FINANCE – Money you don’t see, you don’t miss. Set up auto deposits into your savings and/or retirement accounts.

    FINANCE – Separate your checking and short-term savings from your long term investments; they each need a separate strategy.

    FRIENDS and FUN – Recruit friends to sign up for an Improv class at the local comedy club; laugh together!

    FUN – What brought you joy when you were a kid? Go ahead and try it again as an adult!

    FUN – Join a friend with one of their favorites activities – golf, bridge, book club – you may enjoy it!

    FINANCE – Save receipts for a month and then sort them and analyze your expenses. Any surprises?

    FUN and FRIENDS -Identify a friend or family member that is fun and reach out to them today.

    FUN -Put a note on your mirror to laugh; try hilarity therapy!

    FINANCE – Don’t conquer debt alone; include your partner and friends who may be in the same boat. Strategize together and hold each other accountable.

    FINANCE – Set a calendar reminder to check out your household budget once per month.

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