Jane Mudgett

Mudge Nudges

Jane Mudge shares what she calls, “Mudge Nudges,”… Little bites of inspiration, guidance, and nudges to do what we need to do with Food, Fitness, Finance, Friends, and Fun.

Share your nudges, words of wisdom you repeat to yourself or pass along to friends.

Maybe Jane will adopt your nudge to share with her audience too!

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    FOOD – Make breakfast or lunch the main meal of the day.

    FOOD – Pick one sustainable activity – one more vegetable at dinner, bring fruit to work or have two meatless meals a week.

    FITNESS and FOOD – Local managers have a greater impact on health and balance than the executives because of their direct relationships with employees.

    FOOD and FITNESS – Leaders place their health first, and may get pressure from their board of directors to do so.

    FOOD – Sure, eat chocolate. Get small pre-wrapped pieces with over 70% cocoa. Eat one piece (daily or less) slowly to savor it.

    FITNESS – Getting a fitness buddy to check in with you every 2-3 weeks will nudge your way to improvement.

    FITNESS – Check your email 2 hours before you go to bed. That way you don’t stimulate your mind before bed. Set up a quiet-time routine for your final hour.

    FITNESS – Many folks keep weight off by adding exercise to their activities at home. Your success rate will improve more if you add breakfast daily and weigh yourself once a week.

    FITNESS – Consider scheduling your workout or any movement in the moring; it could improve your mood for up to 12 hours – which you’d lose if you work out at night.

    FRIENDS – Set your screen saver on random. When a photo comes up that reminds you of a friend, take a picture of it and sent it to your friend.

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