Jane Mudgett

Mudge Nudges

Jane Mudge shares what she calls, “Mudge Nudges,”… Little bites of inspiration, guidance, and nudges to do what we need to do with Food, Fitness, Finance, Friends, and Fun.

Share your nudges, words of wisdom you repeat to yourself or pass along to friends.

Maybe Jane will adopt your nudge to share with her audience too!

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    FITNESS – Exercise is not enough. Reduce sitting and inactivity to reduce your odds of heart disease.

    FOOD – When you read food labels, read beyond total calories. Learn more about fat, carbs, protein and nutrients.

    FOOD – Order things on the side – dressing, sauces, gravy; you’ll save calories.

    FOOD – Read nutritional labels on foods while you’re still in the grocery store.

    FITNESS – Log exercise to hold yourself accountable and increase your likelihood of success.

    FOOD – Start logging your food daily to track intake and calories.

    FINANCE – Need to save for a vacation? Put a sticky note on your credit card to help curb spending.

    FOOD – Switch to smaller plates and you’ll reduce your serving sizes.

    FOOD – Stop serving food family style.

    FRIENDS – Review your contacts and reach out to those you like who you haven’t seen in awhile.

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