Jane Mudgett

Mudge Nudges

Jane Mudge shares what she calls, “Mudge Nudges,”… Little bites of inspiration, guidance, and nudges to do what we need to do with Food, Fitness, Finance, Friends, and Fun.

Share your nudges, words of wisdom you repeat to yourself or pass along to friends.

Maybe Jane will adopt your nudge to share with her audience too!

Submit Your Own Mudge Nudge!

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    FRIENDS – Invite a friend to explore something new with you.

    FUN – Subscribe to local blogs, announcements and magazines to get an idea of what’s happening in town.

    FOOD and FINANCE- Go to a different grocery store to check out their food options and prices; try a new food today.

    FINANCES – Really look at prices of what you buy.

    FINANCE – Switch to cash to get a feel for what you’re spending.

    FOOD – Eat with chopsticks; you’ll consume less because you’ll eat slower.

    FOOD – Slice your food and eat one bite at a time.

    FOOD – Put your fork down between bites.

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