C2C – An Environment of Engagement

C2C – An Environment of Engagement

Eight steps to establishing a culture of any engagement

  1. Show up as your best self
  2. Remain neutral
  3. Establish guidelines of engagement and communication
  4. Create emotional safety which allows people to be more open with ideas
  5. Build trust
  6. Be more creative
  7. Be inclusive; hear all voices
  8. Decide how everyone should talk with one another

How to bring your best self:

  • Honestly assess where you are now – mood, feelings, body
  • Step back and ponder processes
  • Upend conventional thinking
  • Be more creative
  • Be able to receive and value input from others
  • Be open to positive and negative scenarios
  • Be aware, keen and agile
  • Invest in self-care, balance and self-regulation
  • Self-reflect, find quiet or a less distractive space
  • Prepare yourself – rest, envision the dynamics and the possibilities
  • Connect with nature -remove or limit unnecessary stimuli to allow space to think; reduce mental traffic

Tips to remain neutral

  • Be transparent and inclusive
  • Put own opinions aside
  • Trust the other opinions around the table
  • Listen attentively
  • Limit reactions, or pause and think before reacting

How to deal with complex issues

  • Create a safe place for other people to share without judgment and criticism
  • Environment may challenge interpersonal relations
  • Stay in the game to do the hard work together
  • Stay present, engaged and committed
  • Welcome and trust new ideas