C2C – Do Your Circumstances Outweigh Your Commitment?

At any given time, you are balancing your circumstances and your commitments. When you believe your priorities are off, what’s the first question to ask? Which one wins and why? For example, do your circumstances outweigh your commitment to improvement? If your project team is out of sync, is it time to inventory the team’s commitment and circumstances? Is everyone’s commitment in sync with the circumstances? Is one player out of balance? If one person or the team is out of balance, the process and outcome will suffer. It may be time to review or establish standards and expectations.

Circumstances are always changing, and our flexibility to adapt builds resiliency over time. Reviewing this in context of your level of commitment is a quick balance test – and can be applied to your work and non-work life. And when so many of us are working out of our bedrooms and living rooms, those boundaries are getting more and more blurred.

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