C2C – We All Have Leadership Within Us

Christine Lai, a Collaboration Catalyst out of CA, joins us to discuss creating progressive leadership starting with ourselves.

A few key points:

 Ensure you work in a supportive and safe space – physically, mental and emotional safety
 If you’re not getting the leadership you want and need, ask, “Where does leadership live?”
 Could the answer be, “Within you”? We have to model what’s needed to create what’s possible.
 What’s missing and what you can infill?
 Is curiosity is encouraged and invited?
 If curiosity creates risk, let’s ask what we’re afraid of.
 Be nimble enough to pivot, change very quickly and economically.
 Create an environment where we won’t get in trouble when we make a mistake. There are no mistakes, there are only lessons learned.
 Do you have an “Accountabilabuddy” – NEW WORD ALERT
 I’d rather you be specific and wrong than vague and right and stay in the safe zone. This is the sweet spot of innovation, new thinking and distinctive ideas


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