Separating your Work (and School) Life from your Home Life

Some of us have enough challenges with our mental health, we didn’t need to add a pandemic, working from home and remote learning for our kids. Yet, after 10 months, we’ve normalized it. Is it time to look around and make a few more improvements so that work and school don’t take over your home?

So many things we can’t control, but we can control and enhance the space where we live.
• DECLUTTER and organize – throw away, give away, or store to create more space for yourself and your family.
• SEPARATE -Use screens, hang objects or fabric, or stack cubes to separate work and school zones from home.
• MOBILE CLASS/OFFICE – If necessary, establish temporary spaces that can be packed up at the end of school or work day – think “mobile milk crate”.
• FLEXSPACE – Create a flexspace for a change of scenery, and make sure it’s comfortable for sitting and there’s good task lighting.
• LIGHTING – Speaking of lighting, is it time to add more, change to brighter bulbs, or shift to LED lighting? Consider task lighting or uplighting for those dark corners. Open the shades and bring in as much natural light as possible.
• SOUND – Carpet, drapes, Doors and fabric absorb sound. Also consider a white noise machine to mask sounds.
• BEAUTY – Get outside, or create views to enhance your time working on projects
• REPURPOSE – A closet can become an office; a hallway can be a printing center and the guest bedroom can get a Murphy bed and become a work or workout area.
• PERSONALIZE through paint, art, photos, cozy blankets and pillows, plants and your favorite coffee cup or water bottle.
• CUSTOMIZE – Dream a bit about the purpose of your garage and attic. And if it’s still not enough, then consider a renovation project.

School, Home, Work all in one home – YES you CAN, YES you DO! By looking around your home you may repurpose what you already own. With a can of paint, photos, a new lamp you may create an efficient and fun work or study zone. However you choose to do it, and for your own wellbeing, find a way to mentally and physically step away from work and step into your home.

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